CCRL 40/4
Downloads and Statistics
June 16, 2018
Testing summary:
Total: 1'756'213 games
played by 2'066 programs
23541 CPU days (X2 4600+)

White wins: 686'325 (39.1%)
Black wins: 556'587 (31.7%)
Draws: 513'301 (29.2%)
White score: 53.7%

List of "killed" engines

"Killed" engines are engines we temporarily removed from our list. Most common reason is that they don't have enough games and none of us is enthusiastic to test them more. All games of these engines are removed from the database as well and not used for the rating list.

of games
Adam 3.0320
Adam 3.1129
Alaric 70617579
Alfil 11 MT4
Alfil 11 MT 2CPU953
Alfil 12 MT 2CPU1'148
Alfil 15.7 64-bit 4CPU20
Alfil 6.10216
Alfil 6.9.1117
Alfil 7.5221
Alfil 7.632
AliChess 4.0638
Amoeba 1.4 64-bit169
Amoeba 2.4 64-bit12
Amy 0.8 64-bit10
Amyan 1.59517
Andscacs 0.81 64-bit130
Andscacs 0.82 64-bit 4CPU32
Andscacs 0.87.163 64-bit40
Andscacs 0.89 64-bit 4CPU116
Arasan 10.0 32-bit254
Arasan 10.2 32-bit8
Arasan 10.4 64-bit 2CPU872
Arasan 11.2 64-bit 2CPU1'267
Arasan 12.3 64-bit 2CPU419
Arasan 13.1 64-bit 2CPU491
Arasan 15.1 64-bit 2CPU887
Arasan 15.2 64-bit268
Arasan 15.6 64-bit10
Arasan 16.1 64-bit72
Arasan 17.2 64-bit278
Arasan 19.0.1 64-bit 4CPU74
Arasan 19.1 64-bit 4CPU260
Arasan 19.2 64-bit 4CPU34
Arasan 9.3348
Ares 1.0100
Armageddon 2.30718
Atlas 3.14b 64-bit 2CPU686
Averno 0.80agi_r9
BBChess 1.3b 64-bit 2CPU1'698
BSC 3.9 64-bit10
Betsabe II 1.30 64-bit10
Bison 9.8 32-bit92
Bobcat 2.75 64-bit 2CPU1'187
Bodo 0.2b Nobook1'256
Booot 4.10.1222
Booot 4.11.1295
Booot 4.12.053
Booot 4.13.0734
Bouquet 1.5 64-bit 4CPU260
Bouquet 1.6 64-bit 4CPU87
Bright 0.1c409
Bright 0.2b 2CPU893
Bright 0.2c 2CPU1'241
Bright 0.3a456
Bright 0.3a 2CPU1'136
Bright 0.3b 2CPU858
Bright 0.3d 2CPU767
Bright 0.4a 2CPU1'970
Bright 0.5c 6CPU4
Brutus 8.05 64-bit 2CPU1'290
BugChess2 1.4.158
BugChess2 1.5223
BugChess2 1.5.1281
BugChess2 1.6.2 32-bit32
BugChess2 1.6.3 32-bit32
BugChess2 1.9 64-bit 2CPU1'391
Butcher 1.61 64-bit 2CPU941
Buzz 0.0538
Buzz 0.0717
CM10th Batatas 330
CM10th Behemoth342
CM10th D2Alos433
CM10th Descent30
CM10th Golden Eagle30
CM10th Guardian655
CM10th Lazarus30
CM10th Magic II516
CM10th Master Yoda+30
CM10th Ogre593
CM10th Pestilence514
CM10th R13030
CM10th Schumacher521
CM10th Warrior192
CM9000 Enforcer816
Capivara LK 0.09a02 64-bit136
Cerebro 3.01c950
Cheng3 1.04 32-bit30
Cheng4 0.36a 64-bit177
Chess Tiger 14228
Chessmaster 11 2CPU599
Chessmaster 11 Aiglos II 2CPU101
Chessmaster 11 Leonidas 2CPU100
Chessmaster 11 Sauron641
Chessmaster 11 sel 21596
ChessterfieldCL i5a1'414
Chiron 0.8.1b10.61110
Cinnamon 1.0 64-bit10
Crafty 17.10 32-bit174
Crafty 20.14 32-bit 2CPU351
Crafty 21.1 32-bit283
Crafty 21.4 32-bit120
Crafty 21.6 64-bit 2CPU32
Crafty 22.1 32-bit5
Crafty 22.1 64-bit 2CPU31
Crafty 22.10 32-bit31
Crafty 22.4 64-bit 2CPU563
Crafty 23.0 32-bit 4CPU125
Crafty 23.0 64-bit 2CPU1'216
Crafty 23.1 32-bit2
Crafty 23.2 32-bit235
Crafty 23.6 64-bit71
Crafty 25.0 64-bit 4CPU52
Crafty Cito 2.0358
Crimson 1.0240
Critter 0.70 64-bit 2CPU1'045
Critter 0.90 64-bit 2CPU913
Critter 1.2 64-bit 6CPU1'426
Critter 1.4 64-bit 6CPU1'540
Cyclone 1.0 beta697
Cyclone 2.1 2CPU384
Cyclone 3.0748
Cyclone 3.4988
Cyrano 0.6b17 32-bit10
DanaSah 2.73340
DanaSah 2.85k286
DanaSah 3.1320
DanaSah 5.06198
Daydreamer 2.0p2103
Deep Frenzee 3.0 32-bit 2CPU202
Deep Frenzee 3.0 64-bit 2CPU248
Deep Frenzee May07 64-bit 2CPU1'669
Deep Fritz 10 2CPU190
Deep Junior 10 2CPU200
Deep Junior 10.1 2CPU618
Deep Junior 10.1 4CPU130
Deep Junior 11.1a 64-bit 2CPU1'082
Deep Junior 11.2 64-bit 2CPU917
Deep Junior 12.5 64-bit 2CPU1'115
Deep Junior 12.5 nobook 64-bit31
Deep Junior 13 64-bit 6CPU32
Deep Junior 2010 4CPU31
Deep Junior 9 2CPU272
Deep Shredder 10 32-bit 2CPU348
Deep Shredder 10 64-bit 2CPU118
Deep Shredder 11 64-bit 2CPU2'172
Deep Shredder 12 64-bit 2CPU1'739
Deep Shredder 9 2CPU269
Deep Sjeng 1.6 2CPU1'168
Deep Sjeng 2.5 2CPU598
Deep Sjeng 2.749
Deep Sjeng 3.0 32-bit80
Deep Sjeng 3.0 64-bit 2CPU2'009
Deep Sjeng WC2008 32-bit250
Deep Sjeng WC2008 64-bit 2CPU1'914
DeepLearninToga 1.1.49 NoLearn 1CPU647
DeepLearninToga 1.1.54 NoLearn 1CPU648
DeepLearninToga 1.3.36 NoLearn 1CPU698
DeepLearninToga 1.4.72 NoLearn MS 1CPU582
DeepLearninToga 1.4.73a NoLearn 1CPU599
DeepLearninToga 1.4.73a NoLearn 4CPU96
DeepLearninToga 1.5.12 NoLearn 1CPU748
DeepLearninToga 1.5.14 NoLearn 1CPU746
DeepLearninToga 1.5.21a NoLearn 1CPU743
DeepLearninToga 1.5.37 NoLearn 1CPU825
DeepLearninToga 1.6.13 NoLearn 1CPU734
DeepLearninToga 1.6.18 NoLearn 1CPU738
DeepLearninToga 1.6.26 NoLearn 1CPU749
DeepLearninToga 1.6.50 NoLearn 1CPU749
DeepLearninToga 1.6.50 NoLearn 4CPU1'083
DeepLearninToga 1.8.09 NoLearn 1CPU747
DeepLearninToga 1.9.6 NoLearn 1CPU748
DeepSaros 3.1 64-bit 4CPU312
Delfi 5.3351
Delfi 5.3B 2CPU796
Delfi 5.4 1000 Elo780
Delfi 5.4 2CPU2'470
Delphil 1.6c202
Delphil 1.9358
Delphil 1.9b461
Delphil 2.6a 2CPU1'211
Delphil 2.7 2CPU457
Delphil 2.8 2CPU1'045
Delphil 2.9g 32-bit10
Demolito 2017-06-18 64-bit 4CPU52
Dirty 08Apr2013 64-bit258
Dirty 23Mar2012 32-bit2
Dirty 23Mar2012 64-bit10
DisasterArea 1.54 64-bit7
DiscoCheck 4.3 64-bit72
Doch 1.3 32-bit119
Doch 1.3.4 32-bit280
Dorky 4.0 64-bit 2CPU1'184
Dorky 4.3 64-bit 2CPU1'272
ECE 12.0111
EXchess 5.01b 32-bit201
EXchess 6.71b 64-bit2
EXchess 7.03b 64-bit 2CPU973
Eia 0.1 64-bit10
Embla 0.9.7 64-bit60
Equinox 3.20 64-bit 4CPU20
Ethereal 8.02 64-bit12
EveAnn 1.6078
EveAnn 1.6138
EveAnn 1.6330
EveAnn 1.6716
Feuerstein 0.4.5163
Feuerstein 0.4.5b238
Fire 3.0 64-bit50
FireFly 2.2.018
FireFly 2.5.0318
FireFly 2.5.6 64-bit30
FireFly 2.6.0 64-bit 2CPU990
Frenzee Dec07 32-bit44
Frenzee Feb08 32-bit146
Fritz 7312
Fruit 061115a448
Fruit 061115b448
Fruit Beta X1447
GNU Chess 5.07 64-bit Nobook1'033
Gambit Fruit 1.0 Beta 4bx748
Gambit Fruit 1.0 Beta 4bxSE5
GarboChess 2.0224
GarboChess 2.20 32-bit60
GarboChess 3.0 32-bit30
Gaviota 0.74 64-bit 2CPU1'317
Gaviota 0.80 64-bit 2CPU853
Gaviota 0.83 64-bit 2CPU1'738
Gaviota 0.85.1 64-bit 6CPU984
Gaviota 0.86 64-bit 2CPU917
Glaurung 1.2.1 (lchess.bk v ccrl2.bk)26
Glaurung 1.2.1 32-bit 2CPU660
Glaurung 1.2.1 64-bit 2CPU1'422
Glaurung 1.2.1 64-bit 4CPU98
Glaurung 1.2.1 Avalanche 32-bit653
Glaurung 1.2.1 Avalanche 64-bit 2CPU127
Glaurung 1.2.1 Crusader 32-bit696
Glaurung 2 epsilon/5 32-bit1'330
Glaurung 2 epsilon/5 64-bit655
Glaurung 2 epsilon/5 64-bit 2CPU1'599
Glaurung 2 epsilon/5 64-bit 4CPU1'525
Glaurung 2.0.1 32-bit56
Glaurung 2.0.1 32-bit 2CPU112
Glaurung 2.0.1 64-bit 2CPU1'738
Glaurung 2.1 64-bit 2CPU1'469
Glaurung 2.2 32-bit236
Glaurung 2.2 64-bit 2CPU2'217
Glaurung Lodz 2007142
Gogobello 1.2 64-bit 4CPU84
Grapefruit 1.0 c1e 4CPU49
GreKo 5.2.5241
GreKo 5.3254
GreKo 5.4290
Gull 2.1 64-bit 4CPU105
Gull 2.8b 64-bit46
Gull II b2 64-bit 4CPU208
Hamsters 0.0.648
Hamsters 0.3222
Hamsters 0.7 2CPU1'004
Hamsters 0.7.1 2CPU1'232
Hannibal 1.3 64-bit 2CPU891
Hermann 1.9167
Hermann 2.0 2CPU20
Hermann 2.3 64-bit 2CPU24
Hermann 2.4 64-bit 2CPU1'554
Hermann 2.8 64-bit 2CPU1'158
Hiarcs 11 2CPU1'675
Hiarcs 11 Hypermodern385
Hiarcs 11.1 2CPU2'369
Hiarcs 11.2 (TBDepth 3) 4CPU1'035
Hiarcs 11.2 2CPU800
Hiarcs 11.2 FP11576
Hiarcs 11.2 FP9575
Hiarcs 12 2CPU1'763
Hiarcs 12 Sel 6897
Hiarcs 12 Sharpen PV On 4CPU100
Hiarcs 12 tc002894
Hiarcs 12.1 2CPU1'402
Hiarcs 13.1 2CPU810
Hiarcs 4157
Hiarcs 8114
Houdini 1.5a 64-bit 6CPU1'149
Houdini 2.0c 64-bit 6CPU2'981
IvanHoe 9.46h 64-bit 4CPU270
IvanHoe 9.46h 64-bit 6CPU1'517
Jonny 4.00 2CPU1'403
Jumbo 0.3.8 64-bit31
Junior 7312
Komodo 1.0 32-bit336
Komodo 1.1 64-bit705
Laser 1.3 64-bit 4CPU194
Learning TogaII14 12b447
Learning TogaII14 12b (No EGBBs)449
Lemming 0.34b 32-bit35
Lime 62351
LittleThought 0.98 32-bit38
LittleThought 0.98 64-bit 2CPU109
LittleThought 1.00 32-bit254
LittleThought 1.01 32-bit226
LittleThought 1.02 64-bit 2CPU14
LittleThought 1.03 32-bit88
LittleThought 1.03 64-bit32
LittleThought 1.03 64-bit 2CPU1'063
LittleThought 1.051 64-bit60
LittleThought 1.052 64-bit 2CPU1'145
Loop 13.5 64-bit 2CPU1'483
Loop 13.6 (Loop 2007) 64-bit 2CPU1'432
Loop M1-P 64-bit225
Loop M1-P 64-bit 2CPU208
Loop M1-T 64-bit 2CPU1'784
LoopMP 11A.32 2CPU100
LoopMP 12.32 2CPU1'839
Matacz 1.02195
Maverick 0.51 64-bit10
Merlin 2.0 beta224
MinkoChess 1.1 64-bit 2CPU1'351
Monik 2.2.2 64-bit12
Mustang 3.0209
NG-Play 8.5142
NG-Play 9.85 64-bit24
NagaSkaki 4.0028
Nanook 0.16109
Natwarlal 0.1298
Naum 1.91 64-bit270
Naum 2.1 64-bit 2CPU1'572
Naum 2.2 64-bit 2CPU1'024
Naum 3 32-bit52
Naum 3 64-bit 2CPU1'150
Naum 3.1 64-bit 2CPU567
Naum 3.1 64-bit PL-10497
Naum 3.1 64-bit PL10499
Naum 3.1 64-bit PL5946
Naum 3.1 64-bit PTnormal955
Naum 4 32-bit300
Naum 4 64-bit 2CPU1'619
Naum 4 64-bit PL-51'100
Naum 4 64-bit PL5600
Naum 4.1 32-bit120
Naum 4.1 64-bit 2CPU1'084
Naum 4.2 64-bit 2CPU1'102
Nemeton 1.040
Nemorino 3.04 64-bit12
Neurosis 2.2111
Neurosis 2.3224
Nimzo 830
NirvanaChess 01092016 64-bit40
Numpty 2017 64-bit12
OliThink 5.1.4 64-bit272
OliThink 5.2.1198
OliThink 5.3.0 32-bit12
Onno 1.2.1 32-bit115
Onno 1.2.2 Beta 64-bit 4CPU71
Onno 1.2.70 64-bit 2CPU1'233
PLP 83140f120
Paladin 1.0 64-bit10
Parrot 07.01.1659
Patzer 3.80 2CPU1'600
Pepito 1.59 64-bit JA buggy1'769
Pharaon 3.5.1 2CPU4'236
Philou 3.5.120
Pirarucu 1.9.4 64-bit32
Popochin 3.132
Predateur 2.2.1 32-bit12
Prophet 2.0 32-bit67
Protector 1.3.2 32-bit18
Protector 1.3.4 32-bit87
Protector 1.7.0 64-bit 4CPU96
Pupsi 0.1786
Queen 3.09261
RedQueen 1.1.2 64-bit32
RedQueen 1.1.2 64-bit 2CPU1'020
RobboLito 0.21Q 64-bit 4CPU100
Rodent III 0.238 64-bit 4CPU32
Rodin 2.3a96
RomiChess P3k 32-bit76
Roque 2.19
Rybka 1.01 Beta 13d418
Rybka 1.1 64-bit273
Rybka 1.2f 32-bit (Contempt +1)510
Rybka 1.2f 32-bit (Outlook SO)209
Rybka 1.2i 32-bit644
Rybka 1.2n 32-bit494
Rybka 2.1 32-bit (C+1 OSO)540
Rybka 2.1 32-bit 2CPU432
Rybka 2.1 64-bit 2CPU1'630
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (C+1_OSO_RS)509
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (Contempt +1)510
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (ETB Small)329
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (Outlook SO)509
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (Outlook VO)359
Rybka 2.1c 32-bit (Rate Slow)330
Rybka 2.1c 64-bit 2CPU (C+1 OSO)583
Rybka 2.1d3 64-bit 2CPU607
Rybka 2.1o 32-bit (Outlook SO)510
Rybka 2.2 32-bit 2CPU50
Rybka 2.2 64-bit 2CPU4'256
Rybka 2.3 64-bit22
Rybka 2.3 64-bit 2CPU895
Rybka 2.3 LK 64-bit22
Rybka 2.3 LK 64-bit 2CPU736
Rybka 2.3.1 64-bit 2CPU957
Rybka 2.3.2 Beta 64-bit 2CPU977
Rybka 2.3.2 Beta2 64-bit 2CPU987
Rybka 2.3.2a (NU Normally) 64-bit 4CPU1'012
Rybka 2.3.2a 64-bit 2CPU3'960
Rybka 3 64-bit 2CPU2'628
Rybka 3 Dynamic 32-bit319
Rybka 3 Human 32-bit300
Rybka 3 Human 64-bit 4CPU42
Rybka 4 64-bit 2CPU537
Rybka 4 Beta1 64-bit351
Rybka 4 Beta1 64-bit 4CPU319
Rybka 4 Beta10 64-bit259
Rybka 4 Beta10 64-bit 4CPU394
Rybka 4 Beta11 64-bit37
Rybka 4 Beta12 64-bit304
Rybka 4 Beta12 64-bit 4CPU311
Rybka 4 Beta14 64-bit210
Rybka 4 Beta15 64-bit1'745
Rybka 4 Beta15 64-bit 4CPU1'158
Rybka 4 Beta3 64-bit337
Rybka 4 Beta3 64-bit 4CPU359
Rybka 4 Beta6 64-bit138
Rybka 4 Beta6 64-bit 4CPU207
Rybka 4 Beta7 64-bit249
Rybka 4 Beta7 64-bit 4CPU287
Rybka 4 Beta8 64-bit 4CPU309
Rybka 4 Beta9 64-bit297
Rybka 4 C13510 64-bit1'789
Rybka 4 KS1 64-bit1'491
Rybka 4 RC1 64-bit58
Rybka 4 RC1 64-bit 4CPU563
Rybka 4 RC2 64-bit136
Rybka 4 TC3100100 64-bit2'068
Rybka 4 TC3100150 64-bit1'605
Rybka 4 TC3100150 64-bit 4CPU972
Rybka 4 TC3120140 64-bit876
Rybka 4 TC390140 64-bit894
Rybka 4.1 64-bit 6CPU2'790
Sage 3.27d63
Schooner 1.4.2 64-bit162
Schooner 1.5.7 64-bit29
Scorpio 1.81 2CPU382
Scorpio 1.82 2CPU78
Scorpio 1.84 2CPU248
Scorpio 1.9 32-bit 2CPU275
Scorpio 1.9 64-bit5
Scorpio 2.0 32-bit 2CPU1'807
Scorpio 2.02 32-bit498
Scorpio 2.05beta 32-bit700
Scorpio 2.1 32-bit 4CPU200
Scorpio 2.1 64-bit 2CPU1'276
Scorpio 2.4 64-bit350
Scorpio 2.5 32-bit2
Scorpio 2.7 64-bit 2CPU126
Scorpio 2.7.7 64-bit 4CPU20
Shredder 5.32199
Shredder 7.04240
Shredder 9.1308
Sjaak 524 64-bit30
Sloppy 0.1.099
Sloppy 0.1.1306
Sloppy 0.2.0 32-bit32
SmarThink 1.20 32-bit310
Soberango 0.08.2l50
Soberango 0.10.137
Spark 0.3 32-bit576
Spark 0.3 64-bit 2CPU164
Spark 0.3a 64-bit40
Spark 0.3a 64-bit 2CPU64
Spark 0.4 64-bit 2CPU1'071
Spark 0.5 64-bit 2CPU729
Spike 1.4 Leiden 2CPU1'057
Sting SF 2 64-bit 4CPU260
Sting SF 4 64-bit 4CPU38
Stockfish 051113 64-bit 4CPU849
Stockfish 1.1a 64-bit121
Stockfish 1.4 32-bit391
Stockfish 1.5.1 32-bit655
Stockfish 1.5.1 64-bit 2CPU415
Stockfish 1.6.3 32-bit30
Stockfish 1.6.3 64-bit 2CPU1'209
Stockfish 1.6s DC 32-bit566
Stockfish 1.6s JA 64-bit 2CPU549
Stockfish 1.7.1 64-bit 2CPU906
Stockfish 1.8b1 64-bit 4CPU344
Stockfish 1.8b2 64-bit 4CPU1'019
Stockfish 1.9.1 32-bit30
Stockfish 100913 64-bit873
Stockfish 100913 64-bit 4CPU1'148
Stockfish 131113 64-bit218
Stockfish 2.1.1 64-bit 6CPU2'440
Stockfish 2.2.1 64-bit 6CPU559
Stockfish 2.2.2 64-bit 4CPU50
Stockfish 2.2.2 64-bit 6CPU942
Stockfish 2.3 64-bit 6CPU1'100
Stockfish 2.3.1 64-bit143
Strelka 2.0 B 32-bit248
Supra 16.0 64-bit13
Supra 8.2.2118
Supra 9.0117
TheMadPrune 1.1.21746
TheMadPrune 1.1.25748
TheMadPrune 1.7.04749
Thinker 5.1c Active 32-bit18
Thinker 5.1c Passive 32-bit403
Thinker 5.1c Passive 64-bit137
Thinker 5.2b Active 32-bit24
Thinker 5.2b Passive 32-bit24
Thinker 5.2i Passive 32-bit152
Thinker 5.2i Passive 64-bit 2CPU956
Thinker 5.3b Inert 32-bit304
Thinker 5.3b Inert 64-bit 2CPU1'041
Thinker 5.4a Inert 64-bit 2CPU2'045
Thinker 5.4c Inert 64-bit 2CPU292
Thinker 5.4c Passive 64-bit 2CPU1'670
Thinker 5.4d Inert 32-bit574
Toga II 0.937
Toga II 1.2 32-bit618
Toga II 1.2 Beta3 32-bit447
Toga II 1.2 Beta3a 32-bit2'244
Toga II 1.2 Beta3b 32-bit449
Toga II 1.2 Beta3c 32-bit446
Toga II 1.2.1par 2CPU318
Toga II 1.3 Beta3b 32-bit2'826
Toga II 1.3.1 HT75989
Toga II 1.3.1 HT75 TEHPon3'546
Toga II 1.3.414
Toga II 1.3.4 HT6553
Toga II 1.3.4 HT7053
Toga II 1.3.4 HT75 TEHPon1'202
Toga II 1.3.4 HT80862
Toga II 1.3.4 HT8553
Toga II 1.3x13'331
Toga II 1.3x41'780
Toga II 1.3x4 HT70785
Toga II 1.3x4 HT80954
Toga II 1.3x4 TEHPoff798
Toga II 1.3x4 egbb870
Toga II 1.3x4 egbb TEHPoff42
Toga II 1.4 Checkov Beta3 2CPU98
Toga II 1.4 beta4a876
Toga II 1.4 beta4a 2CPU536
Toga II 1.4 beta4a 2CPU [Selfplay]32
Toga II 1.4 beta4a 4CPU1'083
Toga II 1.4 beta4b214
Toga II 1.4 beta4b 2CPU851
Toga II 1.4 beta4b 4CPU656
Toga II 1.4 beta4b 4CPU (No EGBBs)595
Toga II 1.4 beta5789
Toga II 1.4 beta5 4CPU695
Toga II 1.4 beta5 4CPU (No EGBBs)648
Toga II 1.4 beta5c 2CPU369
Toga II 1.4 beta5c WHM(31)467
Toga II 1.4 beta5c WHM(31Positional)470
Toga II 1.4 beta5ug (slow)447
Toga II 1.4 beta6a684
Toga II 1.4 beta6a(bugfix)761
Toga II 1.4 beta7447
Toga II 1.4 beta7 HT75 TEHPon593
Toga II 1.4.11SE750
Toga II 1.4.13SE746
Toga II 1.4.15SE940
Toga II 1.4.17SE748
Toga II 1.4.17SE GSon SSoff747
Toga II 1.4.17SE GSon SSon1'323
Toga II 1.4.18SE750
Toga II 1.4.19SE748
Toga II 1.4.1SE 2CPU342
Toga II 1.4.1SE KS150 TLE230448
Toga II 1.4.1SE Nemeth597
Toga II 1.4.1SE10447
Toga II 1.4.1SE11c547
Toga II 1.4.1SE12450
Toga II 1.4.1SE131'245
Toga II 1.4.1SE3447
Toga II 1.4.1SE4596
Toga II 1.4.1SE5595
Toga II 1.4.1SE6645
Toga II 1.4.1SE6 EFM100595
Toga II 1.4.1SE7448
Toga II 1.4.1SE8594
Toga II 1.4.1SE9447
Toga II 1.4.24SE749
Toga II 1.4.25SE749
Toga II 1.4.2JD865
Toga II 1.4.2JD 4CPU49
Toga II 1.4.2SE596
Toga II 1.4.31SE749
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta10598
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta11597
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta12598
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta131'370
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta1499
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta15749
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta16868
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta17748
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta18f789
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta19787
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta19a2'301
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta2596
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta5449
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta6b647
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta71'098
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta7 2CPU60
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta7 4CPU1'298
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta8 4CPU50
Toga II 1.4.3JD beta9598
Toga II 1.4.3JDLEC446
Toga II 1.4.3SE873
Toga II 1.4.4SE848
Toga II 1.4.5JD222
Toga II 1.4.6JD748
Toga II 1.4.8SE789
Toga II 1.4.8bJD792
Toga II 1.4.8bJD par44
Toga II 1.5 Merge b2749
Toga II 1.5 Merge b3750
Toga II 2.2SE543
Toga II 2.5SE541
Toga II 3.1.2SE939
Toga II 3.1.2SE TEHPon655
Toga II 3.1.2SE4448
Toga II 3.1.8SE747
Toga II Checkov_beta 3.1.2SE649
Tornado 1.076
Tornado 4.88 32-bit2
Tornado 4.88 64-bit 6CPU1'339
Twisted 20071014105
Twisted 20071015415
Twisted 20071105444
Twisted 20080107352
Twisted 20080107b352
Twisted Logic 0.065e35330
Twisted Logic 0.065e37409
Twisted Logic 0.099x219
Twisted Logic 0.80beta2670
Twisted Logic 20100131x 32-bit114
Typhoon 1.00-31420
Vitruvius 1.11C 64-bit 4CPU360
Vitruvius 1.11C HEM 64-bit 6CPU802
WyldChess 1.3 64-bit11
Zap!Chess Zanzibar 32-bit 2CPU159
Zappa Mexico 64-bit 2CPU1'592
Zappa Mexico II 32-bit30
Zappa Mexico II 64-bit 2CPU3'115
Zappa Mexico II WD 64-bit598
Zeus 1.27216
Zeus 1.2838
Zevra 1.8.2 r612 64-bit11
Zurichess Master 64-bit40
nanoSzachy 2.738
nanoSzachy 2.818
nanoSzachy 3.164

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Last games added on June 16, 2018